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Best DTG Printer for Small Business

Best DTG Printer for Small Business What's Up site

If you want a crisp, bright, full color and hypoallergenic image, without heat press marks, insufficient ink coverage of textiles and dye penetration through the fabric, check out the innovative DTG technique.
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For work, you can use almost any type of fabric suitable for the polymerization of the pigment. As a rule, they take material used for advertising or decorating ordinary clothes. According to experts, the ink adheres best to cotton fabrics, providing high-quality printing and image brightness on any product.

The post (and this source Best DTG Printer for Small Business as well) will be interesting if:

  • you are an aspiring entrepreneur, perhaps a designer, and you want to make money and make the world brighter and are looking for a solution that is easy to learn and easy to maintain;
  • you are an advertising agency and a large-scale production and want to add to the range of services the printing of small editions of T-shirts “on site”. Perhaps - right at exhibitions and events, where a compact stand with equipment for operational printing will significantly save money;
  • you are just interested to know how a color drawing from a computer screen gets on a fabric, becoming a print and what methods exist for this.

What are the technologies of printing on fabric

Before talking about printing technology, first of all, you should decide on the type of material to which you plan to transfer the image. If you are interested in printing on cotton products, then you can consider screen printing, DTG printing, or iron-on application. If you are thinking of creating sportswear ("souvenir" and decorative elements) from synthetic fabrics, then your choice is sublimation printing.

DTG direct printing

DTG (Direct-To-Garment) or "direct print on fabric" is a fast, affordable and high quality way of printing fabric. The printer prints directly on the fabric, and the fabric at the exit "breathes" even through the print. Such products can be washed at a temperature of 30 ° C (gentle wash mode is desirable) without losing color brightness at least 30–40 times (as practice shows, much more). T-shirts can be ironed: the image does not stick to the iron.

In addition, of course, it is much more profitable to print prints "on demand", rather than ordering runs of T-shirts with different images in advance, then store and store them indefinitely, and even in different sizes. It is enough to acquire a set of "T-shirts-templates" in different sizes and basic colors. With a compact DTG printer at hand, the desired print can be printed at any time, as well as offering the client the service of printing a personal print based on the image provided by the client.

Why DTG Printing Is Better than Other Fabric Printing

DTG printing is one of the new ways to brand textiles. Using this method, you can apply full-color images with eco-friendly paints. Also, the technology is used for the manufacture of promotional items. The method involves the application of a given image to the fabric directly, without intermediate carriers. Ideal for applying full color designs to things. For small elements and inscriptions, as well as large editions, they are usually not used, since it is much cheaper and faster to apply them using the thermal transfer technique.

The transfer of the image resembles the usual printing on paper or other classic media, however, in terms of design and functional features of DTG printers, the printing unit is significantly different. The paints used in this case are made on a water basis. They contain special polymer substances that allow the pigment to be securely fixed in the fibers of the fabric.