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If you are just starting to create graphics in games, then the first thing I would recommend is to pay special attention to pre-production, concept development and finding your own style.
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At the earliest stages of development, we collect very large volumes of various content in search of those images and emotions that our future game should evoke. We use a wide range of tools in our work, always based on the needs of the project. But it is possible to single out the most commonly used and irreplaceable products:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Autodesk 3d packages
  • Substance by Adobe

However, no one has canceled the classics either, so at the early stages of creating search sketches, a pencil and a sheet of paper are more than relevant for us. For example, we developed the first successful characters for the Frenzied Hospital game live.

It is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the market (like shown here game ui mobile), understand who your target audience is, collect a good library of references, determine which color scheme best matches the chosen setting, and so on.

Game design future

I think that in 5-10 years the graphics in games will become completely photorealistic, but absolute realism is monotonous and boring, so a wide variety of stylizations will be developed. Of the obvious trends that are already noticeable now - the boundaries between PC, consoles and mobile are blurring, games are becoming truly cross-platform.

Players will be seriously captured by the world of VR- AR technologies and game art services. They have a huge potential, and opportunities will open up to create incredibly exciting adventures!

And finally, I believe in new opportunities thanks to the development of neural networks - these are unique, almost endless worlds created using procedural generation, and the most personalized experience, including using the appearance and voice of the player himself inside the game.

Other sources

There are a lot of cool sources about game design, but I will share with you what I liked and what I myself have watched recently - a video on the topic of game design from the DTF publication. Let's start with an important and familiar element of the game mechanics - recharge.

When everything goes smoothly in the game, the recharge is almost imperceptible, but if there are a lot of opponents, it lasts forever! In such cases, you can either quickly change weapons, or you can only watch the rapidly decreasing health bar or the blushing screen - it all depends on the decision of the developers.

Such moments deepen the gameplay and give it a special feature. For example, now I've gone through all the parts of Gears of War and recharging there is a separate mini-game.