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Virtual universes or metaverses (Metaverses) are virtual worlds that give a sense of presence in space and time, social interaction, as well as the opportunity to take part in the virtual economy of the world, which has a great impact on the community that makes up this virtual world.
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There was also Second Life, which claimed to be the most universal, but they did not survive.

It seems to me that they lacked exactly what blockchain and NFT technologies give virtual worlds - a sense of real ownership and an understandable economic model.

Everything that belongs to you in the blockchain metaverse actually belongs to you in the form of NFTs. Land, buildings, clothes. And, most importantly, you can bring any of your NFTs to the metaverse. For example, you can buy crypto art from SuperRare and hang it in your home or gallery.

Metaverses and blockchain technologies are made for each other. What is provided in the real world by physical and legal laws is provided in the digital worlds by the blockchain.

And the metaverses are a great ecosystem. In the virtual world, you need to do something, and the developers do not have enough hands to realize all the possibilities from the real world themselves. That is, the metaverse is such an AppStore for which you can create your own games and applications (for example, car racing), and internal purchases in these applications will be paid for with cryptocurrency.

The metaverse is the future. I'm sure that in a few years, a fair amount of the population will be spending most of their time in the metaverses. See also NFT Profit App for detailed info on NFT trading.

Best metaverse NFT projects

Decentraland is the largest and most well-developed metaverse. The land here is already very expensive and scarce. And users have built a lot of interesting things on it. Games, virtual museums, medieval castles and space bases. Various events are held - parties with popular DJs, for example.

Cryptovoxels is an art-focused virtual world. The best exhibitions are there.

Sandbox is more of a game than a metaverse (the .game top-level domain speaks for itself), though the land sale and complex economy are there. Support VR. Large selection of built-in games.

TerraVirtua is not a metaverse in the full sense of the word. It is rather a constructor for personal virtual spaces. In these spaces, you can, for example, display your NFT collections. In general, if you dreamed of a cozy garage or a bar in the basement, TerraVirtua will allow you to build one in the virtual world. In general, they solve an obvious problem - so you bought a couple of million NFTs - paintings, collectibles, armor and swords. And where to put them? You have to show them well. Here is Terravirtua and allows you to do this. They actively support AR and VR, by the way.