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Noble wants to end his career with a trophy

Noble wants to end his career with a trophy What's Up site

At the end of the Europa League, especially after the departure of all the favorites, everyone is free to choose who to support. I doubt that there will be many devoted fans of RB Leipzig, Eintracht, West Ham and Rangers among the readers, so you will have to rely on momentary likes and dislikes.
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Someone is for RB Leipzig and Tedesco because he worked at Spartak, and someone is against it because Domenico supported the exclusion of Spartak from the Europa League. Eintracht certainly gained new supporters after the victory over Barcelona, ​​and the daring Scots will always find support in wild hearts. There are many reasons to wish good luck to West Ham, the name of one of them is Mark Noble.

Faithful Mark's Last Contract

Mark Noble was about to hang up his boots last spring, but agreed to sign a one-year contract with West Ham amid the club's success. At the same time, he firmly decided that the next year would definitely be his last in football. Noble's 18th and final season in a West Ham shirt is coming to an end. On May 8, Mark will celebrate his 35th birthday, the best gift for which would be the first trophy in his ending career - a victory in the Europa League. Of course, first you need to get past Eintracht in the semi-finals, and there are no guarantees that by the birthday of the captain, West Ham will continue to claim victory in the Europa League, but younger guys, on whose performance the team’s results depend, should try to leave legends of the club from football turned out to be special.

Among all the players from the "Big Five" European leagues, Noble has the longest record of playing for one club. He joined the West Ham academy as a 13-year-old kid in 2000 and has since become an integral part of the club, and today Mark is the main symbol of West Ham in the 21st century. For 18 seasons, 546 appearances, he was promoted to the Championship as a hammerhead and returned to the Premier League wearing the same crossed hammers shirt attached to his body. He fought with West Ham more than once for survival in the Premier League and even scored a “rescue goal”, entered the field with injuries and a hernia, played through pain because the team needed him. Once, caustic journalists wanted to ask Mark how he lives without trophies and even without hopes for them, but in response they received a phrase that only for the uninitiated will sound pathetic:

"My greatest achievement is my loyalty to the club that gave me life. Are you asking if I dream of trophies? Of course, I really want to raise the goblet over my head. Only it has to be the cup won with West Ham. Other awards do not interest me at all." (source:

"Just enjoy it"

On the first day of pre-season last summer, Mark Noble received a message from his wife, Carly, that advice he has since followed:

Whatever happens, Mark, just be a part of it and have fun.

To be honest, following Carly's pep talk isn't too difficult, because at the end of his career, Noble suddenly found himself part of the strongest team he had ever played for. David Moyes has miraculously turned Premier League underdogs into a gang that finished sixth last season, claimed top four this campaign, beat Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur in individual matches across tournaments, Manchester United and Manchester City, and also reached the semi-finals of the Europa League. Noble and West Ham have had their ups and downs in 18 years, and now the Hammers are at such a height that Mark is breathtaking.